Saturday, October 17, 2009

Creative Time and Space

About a year ago, Rice Freeman-Zachery asked me to be part of her upcoming book about artist's creative work habits. She sent me a bunch of great questions, which I answered and sent back to her along with some art. It was really cool to suddenly have the book show up at my doorstep after all this time! It'll be interesting to see what I said! I feel like my work habits have already changed so much, so reading this will give me a nice window into my own evolution over the last year.
There are 13 other artists interviewed, with their art nicely showcased, including my good friend Teesha Moore! It's a pretty versatile and interesting group of artists assembled here, so it'll be fun to hear what they all have to say.The book's available on Amazon if you want to check it out:
Sorry about how crappy these photos look. I need to get a new camera really bad. It's on my list of things to do.


  1. Hi Theo, I'll bet Tracy could help you get a great camera, so hit him up at Journalfest when you see him! Loved your article in Rice's book. And love the postcard also. You're a STAR!!! Sharon

  2. Yeah, Tracy's the camera master! I'll have to get his advice when I see him in a couple days. I'd like to finally be able to take good, print quality photos of my work!

    Thanks for picking up a copy of Creative Time and Space, Sharon! I still need to find time to sit down and read it all.

  3. halooo Theo!!

    I wish I had known about journalfest ;( I am so out of the online loop these days~

    Congrats on your work being published in the book!!

    To this day, I still have my little drawing you sent me, right next to my computer ;)

    xo!! ~Bella