Monday, April 25, 2011

Play Overlord!

My cat, Mortimer is a huge fan of Play Overlord #1 and has taken to napping with his copy. This is the collaborative comic I've been working on, Jam Style, with Sean Christensen and Amy Kuttab. We debuted it at the Stumptown Comics Fest last week and sold out! Once we get the next print run finished, I'll putting some up for sale in my etsy shop.

This is the back cover that Sean did. All those characters are in the comic!
This is the title page that we all worked on. There's also an extra special bonus feature comic that I made with the always awesome Jesse Reklaw while traveling by train to a book reading in Seattle.
There is a new character introduced on the corner of every single page of the comic. It's completely crazy! We're getting together to officially start issue number 2 tonight!

werewolf kid and current events

I've got one more woodcut character up at my etsy store, looking for a good home. He would prefer to be hung somewhere where he can watch people eat, but he'll be happy to hang anywhere! I also have several more wood cuts at my studio waiting for finishing touches, so stay tuned!

Also in the works: I'm working on my first zine in over a year! Tabling at the Stumptown Comics Fest and putting out a collaborative mini comic with Sean Christensen and Amy Kuttab, really got me inspired to get back on the book making wagon. I'm hoping to get back to having at least a couple of self published works available at all times.

I'm working away on my new comic. It feels like it's taking forever, but I also feel like I'm doing some of my best work. Hopefully everyone will find it worth the wait.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stumptown Comics Fest!

I'll be at the Stumptown Comics Fest ( ) at the Oregon Convention Center all weekend. I'll be at the Secret Acres table (D-18) with the whole Secret Acres catalogue, including their two newest awesome books, "Gaylord Phoenix" by Edie Fake and "I Will Bite You" by Joseph Lambert. Sean Christensen will be at the table with his amazing new mini comic "Dream Grant" and the collaborative comic we just finished with Amy Kuttab, "Play Overlord" There will also be prints galore, including some new silk screened prints I just finished making. If you're anywhere near Portland, come say hi and hang out with us!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reading at Guapo Comics

This Friday, the 15th at 8pm there's going to be a comics reading and art show opening at Guapo comics on 6350 SE Foster to help kick off The Stumptown Comics Festival happening this weekend. I'll be Reading with Sean Christensen and Amy Kuttab from the brand new collaborative comic called "Play Overlord" that's hot off the presses! The poster above features some panels from our comic. I also have one small piece in the show. Fun shall be had!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monsters for Sale!

I've got some new woodcut characters up for sale on my Esty Shop that are looking for good homes.

Interviewed by Copic

My friends Teesha and Tracy Moore introduced me to Copic Markers awhile back and I got kind of crazy about them. I could easily spend all my money stockpiling the many vibrant colors and using them up like candy. Tracy was interviewed as a featured artist on their website a few months back and he pointed them in my direction, so now I have an interview too!:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Slow Wave guest strip

My good friend, Jesse Reklaw has been making "Slow Wave", a weekly comic strip that documents the dreams of readers, for well over a decade. I was a fan of this strip way before I ever moved to Portland and met him. For his birthday this year, he decided he wanted to take his first ever vacation from making the strip, so a different cartoonist has been stepping in each week to add a new piece to a crazy, spontaneous dream narrative that's been forming. The comic above is the little piece I've added to it. It was fun figuring out how to follow what everyone else had done. It was also fun seeing my work computer colored. I think it's one of the few times I've seen someone else put color to my inks. You can see a larger version of it and check out the whole narrative over at