Friday, November 18, 2016

Positive Future Trigger Spirit

I finished this new woodcut piece today and made it available on my Shop.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Short Run Comix Fest, Seattle, WA, November 5th!

This Stay Up Late Spirit will be hanging out at my table at the comix fest this Saturday. My table is right between my good buddies Eyeball Burp and Gridlords. I can't wait!

postcard creature

Your'e probably not suppose to turn the prepaid postcard stamp image into a creature. If they don't refuse to send it, they'll have to cancel the creature's head.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

a ghost documentary film maker

I just made this piece available on my Etsy Shop. It was originally made for the experimental play, Mystery Mark and just came back from 5 months on display at the Paris Gibson Square Museum.

Last Match

This is a tiny piece I made for a show curated by Kus in Riga, Latvia. It's a traveling show of over 400 artists and it all fits inside of a match box. Each piece is hung from a match through the hole in the paper. A very flammable show!

Radius Gallery

This Friday, November 4th is the official opening for the big Radius Gallery Holiday show. I have 10 new woodcut pieces for sale there.


you've probably heard about this. Matt Furie's comic character, Pepe was hijacked by super gross hate group turds. Makes no sense. Artists are trying to reclaim Pepe the Frog with positive imagery.