Thursday, December 29, 2011

woodcuts and glittery stars

Left: the first "Timrick" woodcut I ever made. I sold it at the Festival of the last minute, then realised that I never actually got a clear photo of it. I was nearly finished with it when I spilled ink all over one of the hands, so I blackened the hands and feet as a way to fix it. I ended up really liking the effect and it's something I don't think I would've ever tried otherwise. It's good to roll with the punches.

Right: The only woodcut I've kept for myself so far. I made it right before Griffin was born and looking at it reminds me of the whole inner-process I had leading up to becoming a dad. I sit with Griffin propped up on my lap like that all the time now, and I've seen him make that same expression on his face.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Festival of the Last minute

I'll be setting up my Thought Cloud Factory booth in Ankeny Plaza in downtown Portland for the Festival of the Last Minute from December 19th through the 24th, from 11-5 each day (closing early at 3:30 on Christmas eve). If you stop by and visit, you'll find me wrapped in a blanket, drinking massive amounts of tea, trying to keep my hands warm enough to draw as many pictures as possible, and hoping for some weird and interesting conversations with friendly strangers.

This is a new woodcut star ship I just finished for the festival. I just finished cutting a whole new batch of them and will probably be finishing new ones through out the week so that there's a little something different at my table each day. Happy Holidays everyone!

Sleeping Griffin.

I hang out with this little guy a lot now. He is awesome.

Friday, December 9, 2011