Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back from JournalFest!

I just got back from teaching two full days of workshops at JournalFest in Port Townsend, Washington. JournalFest is the smaller sister festival to ArtFest, and focuses on the journaling arts. This was it's first year! My students were all amazing and it was a huge pleasure to get to spend time with two open and willing groups of great people. The above photo is something silly I did with my students to demonstrate that art is both a conjuring trick and a disappearing act. Thanks for being willing to get a little weird everyone! I hope you all had as much fun as me!
The class was entitled Words and Pictures. It focused on spontaneous drawing as a way to uncover your own inner-dialogue, then using that dialogue to inspire more drawings, which then opens up a new level of dialogue. More and more I see making art as a form of listening. The art speaks, I listen. The picture above is a section of the huge, detailed doodle I did as part of my preparation for the class. Working on this doodle actually lead to a huge breakthrough for me and I was fially able to clearly write the first chapter to the story I've been struggling with. Now that I'm home, I'm going to be drawing pages as full time as possible. The big doodle will most likely end up being part of the title page art.


  1. Hey Theo: I was one of your class participants last week( I was the person on saturday who kept stretching and laying down on the floor - I am still trying to recover from sitting still for 3 days in a row!) - I was sitting here drawing on the cover of my journal and pulled up your blog and there was your post. Really enjoyed the class. May you always remain as silly and spontaneous as you currently are! Poof. Kathy stewart

  2. Hi Kathy,
    It was great having you in my class. I wish I could have magically made the chairs more comfortable for you. Thanks for working so hard and sticking with it on your 3rd full day of sitting!
    Hopefully someday I'll be able to teach classes in a zero gravity chamber and we can all just float around. I heard an interview with an astonaut once where he claimed that sleeping in space is the most comfortable sleep he's ever had. All of your muscles are able to completely relax while sleeping in zero gravity, though your limbs take awhile to know what to do with themselves. I guess they velcro their pillow to their heads just to feel something under them. I want to sleep in space rally bad now!
    Today I went hiking around in a nearby park and climbed around in some trees as part of my attempt to not become a hunchback from all the hours I spent at my drawing table.
    Thanks again for being in my class!


  3. Theo,

    Someday we will have Artfest on Moonbase Alpha. Then we can all float around and journal together ;)

    I'm heading to bed where I hope I dream about drawing in space. Thanks for the cool send off thoughts for the night.



  4. well, I have always wanted to go into outer space so the thought of drawing in outer space is pretty enticing. KLS

  5. Hi Theo!

    I just picked up Capacity at Bergen Street Comics here in Brooklyn, and I LOVE it!! Its just so wonderful. I'm originally from Seattle and spent lots of time on the Olympic peninsula, so its really cool to hear about your workshop at Journal Fest in Port Townsend! I teach a Kids Studio Art Workshop, and last week a student questioned my book-making section with, "is book-making really considered an art?" And so today I will be showing your book as an example! If you ever want to hold a workshop in Brooklyn, I'd love to help. Hopefully I'll make it to King Con this weekend!

    Thanks for all your excellent work!

    Have a great day,

    :) Ingrid

  6. Thanks for showing my book to your students, Ingrid! Your Kids Studio Art Workshops sound fun!!