Friday, August 7, 2009

Sleeper Car arrives!

A big box of my new comic, Sleeper Car, showed up at my door a couple of days ago! It makes me want to buckle down and finish my current illustrations jobs so I can get back tomaking comics as much as possible. Sleeper Car will be making it's way into comic shops now . It's also already available at the Secret Acres website and on Amazon.


  1. I just got mine! Love, love, love...

  2. Yay, Thanks!!It was a lot of fun making a smaller comic after coming out with such a big work like Capacity. Sleeper Car is basically me just goofing off and having fun before I embark on my next big book.

    I've been staying up late almost every night lately, writing away on my new book,and i've finally set a date to start working on pages!

  3. That cover is so fascinating for me. And the layout design in the third pics is so uniqe and nice. I hope i will get one from these book.
    The virtue of that little i saw, its an eye-appealing piece.