Friday, September 21, 2012

In the house

I just finished these two drawings that are soon to become a postcard. I'll be giving them away with my book at conventions and including them in orders from my Etsy shop. The book itself is slowly making it's way to stores at this moment! I don't have my own copies quite yet, but you can get copies at the Secret Acres Emporium right now.  I'll have a list of bookstore appearances and conventions I'll be heading to over the next few months soon!


  1. Wonderful drawings - they would make terrific postcards!

  2. can't wait to see the new book :)

    best wishes!

  3. How does an Irish man get his hands on this book? (That's not a set up for a gag punchline by the way, it's a genuine question).

  4. I know Amazon does overseas shipping, and it's available there now. You might be able to get it directly from my publisher, Secret Acres too. Once my own copies arrive in the mail and I get them up in my Etsy shop, I'll probably do overseas shipping as well. Thanks for wanting a copy!