Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ASC, Nether, Space Cadets!

I've been loving doing all the art for the Space Cadets record label. It's basically been the perfect side job for me. The music is great and I get to have fun drawing space imagery. Their newest rerelease by ASC is 2001 Space Odyssey inspired so I decided to imagine the monolith appearing on an alien planet and the inhabitants reaction. This record is officially out now and I can't wait to get my copy in the mail.
I also just finished this upcoming one for Nether. I'm not sure when it's coming out but it should be within the next couple of months. When I asked Nether if he had any imagery in mind, he said he wanted an enchanted forest, the moon, and an oracle. I was only planning on drawing one moon, but things got out of control.
This is a drawing that's going to get made into a sticker soon. As soon as I get mine in the mail, I'll be giving them away and sneakily putting them around town.


  1. Ooh love that sticker and all the other artwork. Have you ever thought of making skins. I would definitely want one. I have a 13" mac lol.

  2. Theo, just recently saw some photos of the telephone poles in Portland. Wowsers!! Yes your stickers should be living out there with the fun. I also agree with Lisa above. Laptop Skins!! I would definately grab one.

  3. The Nether art is one that's gonna live in my head for a long time. I really like it.