Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Russian Dolls for Secret Acres

Chris Beckett, Color artist at DC comics, commissioned all the Secret Acres artists to create pieces to a Russian Doll set as a Christmas present for Barry and Leon, the awesome gentlemen that publish my comics.
Leon just sent me this group portrait of all of them together. It was awesome to see what everyone did. It makes me want to do more collaborations with everyone. From left to right: Edie Fake, me, Joseph Lambert, Ken Dahl, Sean Ford, Minty Lewis, Mike Dawson, Sam Gaskin, John Brodowski, and Eamon Espey.


  1. Awesome. What a treat to have a doll like that.

  2. That's amazing! Did you paint directly onto the doll, or is there some amazing dollprinting technology that lets you transfer images?

  3. Everyone worked directly onto blank wooden dolls. i used different kinds of markers and pens and then painted wood sealer over it.

    I've actually had a blank wooden Russian doll sitting around in my studio for years. I might actually have to do something on it now!