Friday, April 9, 2010

Secret Acres Blog!

Secret Acres has launched their blog! Definitely worth checking out on a regular basis. They're going full force with some excellent new books, out now and coming soon. I'm drawing a new limited edition poster for them at the moment and when they're in Portland for the Stumptown Comics Festival at the end of April, we'll be having our official meeting about my own book that's in the works.


  1. Hello from Croatia! I really like your stile of drawing and aldouth I don't know you I found that we have so much in common. Not just drawing comics, bloging, having cat hanging around while drawing, having small books fool of skeches, but also something in the caracter of your stye that looks so familiar to the way I feel about the comic art. Your blog is great...and I hope we'll se each other one day.

  2. Hi Irena---> I ust checked out your blog. Great work! Thanks for checking out my drawings.