Wednesday, March 4, 2009

more collaborative art

I'm just about to ride my bike downtown to help hang the Vortex! Collaborative art show the opens at Floating World tomorrow night. A couple of days ago, Sean Christensen and I got together and decided to make a couple more pieces for the show. The above picture was worked on by both of us ,then inked by me.
This one was worked on by both of us, then inked by Sean. We were joking that these two drawings depict what it would have been like if we had known each other when we were kids. I'm the one on the right in both drawings.

This is yet another one that we both worked on, then Sean colored. It always blows me away to see how Sean colors these collaborative pieces. He always uses color combinations that I'd never even think of using. It's beautiful. I'm starting a collection of collabortaive art I've taken part in over on my flickr site. There's only a few pieces there so far, but it's growing!


  1. Hey Theo...these peices are great!

  2. Hi Theo,
    I will be in Portland at the end of the month, I hope the show will still be up at Floating World, these pieces are really cool!

  3. Hi Theo!
    I just finished reading Capacity and I’m amazed! I loved it!
    I also have “always somewhere nearby”. Now I am home in Brazil and it will be hard to find more of your books here… but I am excited to read something else and see more of your work!
    Thank You,

  4. Thanks Fernanda! I just checked out your blog. Those pictures of your street performance piece with the giant hand are amazing! The photo in the resturant is especially great. I'm really interested in doing performance pieces involving puppetry and costume elements, so this was really inspiring to me.

  5. WOW!! These colors are great. You guys work great together. More! More! Sharon