Wednesday, April 28, 2010

tiny ghosts and a giant cat

I'm having a nice mellow day working on a new limited edition poster for Secret Acres. Every once in awhile I stop and watch the rain outside. Mortimer's been up to his usual antics, rolling around on my drawing table and trying to get as close as he can to my hand as I work. The tiny ghosts seem drawn to his giant face in the picture above. Conclusion: dynamic personalities attract tiny ghosts.
Sometimes when I'm working, I put my face so close to the page, I end up being surprised by how small I've actually been drawing. It seems pretty big at the time.

It's almost done, I think.


  1. Wow, very nice poster (you really fill up the whole page)...and nice photos :)

  2. Wow I really like your style! And the cat seems pretty sweet too!

  3. what do you use to color the drawing, colored pencils?

  4. Mortimer seems to be the long lost twin brother of my cat, Chester.