Monday, April 5, 2010

back and running

I'm back from an incredible time at ArtFest! Huge thanks to all the folks who took my workshops, hung out and talked with me, and supported my work at vendor night! Thank you Teesha and Tracy Moore for putting on such wonderful and innovative event!

I'm back in my studio working away on several things at once now. Above is a comic page in progress. The next big event for me will be the Stumptown Comics Fest here in Portland, OR!


  1. Never stop drawing Theo. Ya hear?

  2. i just found your blog... way cool.
    love your drawings!

  3. Theo - You are such a fun and talented teacher. I had a blast in your class at Artfest. Thanks! Can't wait to see you next year!
    Karen Ford

  4. Your class was every bit as awesome as I expected it to be! Thanks for braving public speaking to teach at Artfest :-) I'd like to say I read Capacity cover-to-cover on the flight home, but thr truth is I kept putting it aside because it was one of those books - have you ever had this happen? - that was SO good, I didn't want it to end... so I tried to savor it slowly over the course of a week.
    - Mandy in RI