Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stumptown Comics fest is this weekend!

I'll be at the Festival all weekend (April 24th and 25th) signing books at the Secret Acres table and talking to whomever happens my way (table 42 to be exact). Come out and say hi if you can! I'll have prints for sale, and Secret Acres will have all kinds of excellent publications to check out. I'll also be taking part in a panel discussion with them from 4 to 4:45 PM on Saturday in the Alaska room. People will ask us things. replies will be made. Find out detailed information at

Also, if you're in portland on Friday the 23rd, come out to the Stumptown pre-party at Guapo Comics and Coffee on 6350 SE Foster. There will be a comics reading, awards, things to drink and eat, and cartoonists everywhere. It's also the release party for a number of books that awesome friends of mine have made which I haven't gotten to see yet, and which I cannot wait to have in my hands. I won't be taking part in the comics reading this time but I'll be in the audience eating grapes and holding some kind of beverage.


  1. I am starting to save money for a ticket, so that I could come next year :-) Portland looks like a cartoonist paradise.

  2. Stranded in Kentucky...all the new stuff coming down the line from you looks good, man. Keep up the good work...hope to see you in person again at some point. Cheers, JTDockery

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