Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stumptown aftermath

Sunday at the Stumptown Comics Fest was fun. I talked to so many people that my own voice began to sound alien to me. A girl named Cass showed me her arm. She'd decided to have a drawing from my zine "Imaginary Homework" put on to her arm forever! It is my hope that she will not regret it someday. It was sad to see Barry and Leon of Secret Acres off at the airport after such a great time. Thanks to everyone who spent time at our table and to all the great cartoonists who provided me with inspiring loot.


  1. Theo, when folks begin making your art into tats and putting them on themselves for the rest of their lives, you have hit the top!! So cool!! You are a genius, I keep telling ya!!

  2. Wow, that tattoo is amazing!

  3. yuppers, my left arm is a lucky one.