Saturday, January 2, 2010

Today's Drawing table

Today is a very rare palindrome date! 01/02/2010. I woke up early and made French toast for Heather and I, then got right to work. Above is the ever mutating title page to my comic, The Quiet Family. Wrote and thumb nailed four new pages then worked on various unfinished pages.
Lentil soup with Parmesan cheese and Jasmin green tea, with a cutting board for a place mat. Writing pad with pencil and eraser are essential while eating. Lunch was a success!Mortimer has been hiding behind me under the rug. I'm letting him think I don't know.
Currently propped on my drawing table for inspiration: a framed picture of a Balinese Mask, and a rock I found at Heather's favorite camping spot.
Currently pinned in front of my drawing table for inspiration: Home made Ghost Goggles and a page from a Jack Kirby comic featuring an alien landscape.
A tiny section of an unfinished page. This one is going to take awhile, so I'm working on it in stages. Now I must write bills, then probably a walk (so I can be counted among the people who actually went outside today)....Over and out.


  1. Looks like staying in doors agrees with your creativity, but you must breathe in some fresh air occasionally. It's good for the mind. Happy New Year!! Sharon

  2. Your drawings are of course incredible, but I must say that I truly love the lunch photo!

  3. great post! the quiet family is looking very enticing....
    you're making me ashamed of my eating habits, though..

  4. Oh my word, those ghost goggles... are the coolest things ever!! I might have to steal idea and make myself a "tiphoni" pair :)