Monday, January 25, 2010

Prism Index

Last night I went to the release party for the first issue of Prism Index, a beautiful handmade magazine that I contributed four pages to. I would love to see more publications like this in the world. The man behind it all, Jeffrey Bowers went all out: From the silk screened cover with hand-made paper, to the hand-stamped 88 minute dvd of short films and animation, a hand-stamped 72 minute cd of strange and interesting music, plus 80 pages of art, comics, poetry, short fiction and non-fiction. It's also a limited edition of 500.
Here's one of the spreads from the magazine featuring my art. I hope this will be the first of many issues to come! Check out the prism index website at . I think actual copies won't be shipped until March since he's on the road right now, but copies can be reserved.


  1. Capital looking book. Congratulations!

  2. theo i need to speak with you regarding an interview for somerset studio. (i was in your artfest class about 3 years ago)
    i tried to email you but i guess you didn't get it call me - i will send my phone number to email at hotmail.
    or email me:

  3. i would like to buy one - please accept my order.

  4. writing poetry in fingernails will never pass the time away:

  5. Theo, Your work is amazing! & i am passing on your blog address to a young friend of my son's who is a natural cartoonist, i think that you will be very inspiring for him ChEErZ!