Friday, January 22, 2010

Juxtapoz and Giant Robot

There's a little one page artist spotlight on me in the February issue of Juxtapoz (page 20). The art copied I little weird I thought, but it's still exciting to be in such a great magazine.

Also, issue 63 of Giant Robot has a short Q&A thing with me on page 36 regarding the big Giant Robot Biennale show that's Just ending at the Japanese American National Art Museum in LA.

It was pretty crazy to walk into a bookstore and see both of these magazines sitting next to each other on the racks.

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  1. Darn!! I just came back from Barnes & Noble, and I could have picked this up if I had known. Rats!! Guess that means another trip to the book store!!Wow, that's too bad!!! Sharon PS: Thanx Theo