Friday, February 20, 2009

found art

I was walking down the street the other day and this awesome drawing came blowing down the sidewalk towards me. At the exact same moment I found this drawing, two dogs came running at me, barking, while I simultaneously attempted to leave a message on a friend's answering machine. It was an epic moment. I used to draw trees almost just like this, except I always made the trunks impossibly fat compared to the tree tops.


  1. Serendipitous moments like that where art appears like manna from heaven accompanied by barking dogs are the true spice of life ! Your work is beautiful, and can see from your concise yet insightful commentary that your blog is going to be a pleasure to follow ; I will be staying tuned, having just added a link to your blog from mine, will be able to see when you've updated... they joys of blogging !
    Signed : a fan in France !
    PS Did you like Robert Crumb's work ?

  2. Thanks Owen! Starting this blog has been really great for me, and it's amazing to be discovering a bigger community of people because of it. To answer your question, I do like R. Crumb quite a bit. Are you into the comics scene in France? A lot of my favorites cartoonists are from over there.

  3. heh. Epic Moment - thats a very good description when worlds collide. A cute art find!

  4. What a treasure,,, I wish a little piece of art would blow my way.