Saturday, February 14, 2009

the cyclops in me greets the cyclops in you

My friend Tracy V. Moore took this picture of me at an art show I curated awhile back called "Imaginary Civilizations". I originally made the "cyclops box" to hide a laptop that was showing an amazing animation by artist Peter Hamlin. You had to look into the Cyclops's eye to see the film, which played on a loop during the show opening. You can check out Peter's animation and art at and more of Tracy's photography, art, and beautiful handmade art journals at
This is a collaborative drawing that Tracy and I did together a couple of weeks back. We gave it to a 14 year old kid named Sam because we liked his art.


  1. Hey Theo, You and Tracy should write a comic together. Great little project to bring in some $$. That would be so cool. Just looking at the above sketch proves that you could both make something great. Sharon

  2. Thanks Sharon. I'd love to do a collaborative comic with Tracy someday. He's one of my favorite people to draw with. If we lived in the same town, we probably would have even made one by now.