Tuesday, February 10, 2009

20 questions for cartoonists

My fellow cartoonist, Austin English started a great blog where he came up with 20 questions he'd like to ask other cartoonists and invites folks to answer. A lot of great cartoonists have been answering them and it's been great to read. He also asks each artist to provide a photo of the place where they draw, and an example of a work in progress. The above panel can be seen in pencil form at the beginning of my questions. If you haven't seen Austin English's work, look him up! I can never get enough of his work.

1 comment:

  1. WOW!! What a great interview. I have loved your work for years when I found Capacity and began buying them. I love the detail. You should make You Tube Videos on maintaining structure and detail. And I would love to meet you and You Tube is a perfect opportunity. You are the only artist I know that can draw in such detail. The one question I would like to be answered is: How long does it take you to draw a panel? Keep up the great work, Theo. You are the best. Sharon PS: I still have the little card you personalized and sent with one of my orders, and I keep it on my desk.