Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Relentlessly psychedelic me

Joe McCulloch at the Comics Journal  wrote a little about The Understanding Monster in their This Week In Comics column and says it's  "Unquestionably the most relentlessly psychedelic comic I've encountered in 2012". Yes! Thanks Joe!


  1. Hey, Theo! I don't know if it was you or Heather I was talking to over on Facebook, but I'm super excited to get a copy of your new book! And I'm not the only one... when I stopped in to check at Reading Frenzy last weekend, I was told that someone else had just been there looking for a copy of The Understanding Monster!

    By the way, I really liked this comment that followed the column:

    "...The Understanding Monster is more like one of those crazy dreams where you feel trapped and weak and your muscles and brain aren’t working properly. Or like you ate way too many magic mushrooms at your friend’s house and can’t seem to get up the energy to leave."

    Sounds like your book packs quite a punch!!

  2. Hey Aimee! Looking forward to seeing you in Portland. it's going to be a whirlwind, but it'll be fun.

    Thanks for looking for my book. Hopefully Reading Frenzy will end up carrying it. They were the first Portland shop to ever carry my self published stuff back in the day.

    Yeah, I liked that comment too, though I feel like I should also apologize to him or something. I don't want anyone to feel trapped or weak, but thanks for reading! I also loved the comment about the absorption in narrative psychedelia. Absorption is key.

    That comic called "Wax Cross" that they're talking about is actually pretty great. i just picked it up when I was at the Small Press Expo.

    Say hi to your husband and cat for me!

  3. I got my copy yesterday at Fantastic Comics in Berkeley. Looking forward to reading it.

  4. Cool! Thanks for picking up my book, Glenn! I've never heard of Fantastic Comics. I'll have to make sure to check it out next time I'm down that way. I love the bay Area!