Thursday, October 11, 2012

cat smile

Themed sketchbooks seem to be a tradition of sorts at comic conventions. I've drawn in tons of them over the last few years. Yoda, Ninja Turtles, Animal from the Muppets, Tennis playing zombies, to name a few. Whenever someone brings a themed sketchbook up to me, it's always fun to look through. There's usually contributions from some of my favorite cartoonists. I can't remember what my own drawings looked like in most of them, it's all a blur, but I just came across this one online from a Cheshire Cat sketchbook. It was kind of cool to see it again. Maybe I should start my own themed sketchbook to take to shows. I'm not sure what the theme would be. Maybe Wizards In Danger or something.


  1. Hey - that's my sketchbook, that is! Yours is definitely one of my favourites, Theo.

  2. I have always wanted to start a themed sketchbook, thanks for reminding me ha-ha

  3. Hey! Crazy! Thanks for posting the pages from your sketchbook where I could find it. it was cool to come across it. I end up drawing so many little characters in peoples books and sketchbooks at shows, I couldn't really remember what my version of the Cheshire Cat looked like until I found it online. Hopefully I'll see you at another show sometime!