Friday, September 21, 2012

A History of Nonviolence

I've been meaning to write about this for awhile, but time keeps getting away from me.  A few months back, comics writer Caleb Monroe asked me to illustrate a 5 page comic for the Occupy Comics Anthology . It's being put out as a series of digital downloads, and will later be collected into a hardcover. I thought it would be a fun challenge since i've never illustrated a comic that wasn't written by me (with the exception of the Nursery Rhyme comics I did, which was written my "Anonymous"). Caleb Came up with the idea of doing a brief history of nonviolent movements, and I thought it was an exciting subject to cover. A lot had to be left out of course, but I got to learn some interesting things that I had no idea about. My wife helped me put together 14 pages of visual references (for a 5 page comic!) and I usually just draw from my head. It was both fun and difficult. Anyways, the story is in the first issue, if you want to see it. An art gallery in NYC called 41 Cooper Gallery  doing a show called Ruptures: Forms of Public Address, and they asked to use our comic in the show somehow. After thinking it over, we decided to have a zine version of the comic printed up and given away free to anyone who comes and sees the show. I thought that was pretty cool! The show runs from September 3rd to October 13.

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