Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Way That Way

I'm back from an excellent trip home to Montana with my wife, camping and visiting family and friends. Spent a few days doing nothing but wading in creeks, staring at campfires, and balancing on logs.

I just spent the last two days moving out of my studio. I'll miss that place, but I feel like I accomplished some good work while I was there. The entire first volume of The Understanding Monster now fits in my backpack, whereas up until recently, there were pages and cut out panels and missing pieces in piles everywhere. I've done a lot of work on scenes that won't be seen until the third volume or so, but this will hopefully allow me to have a steady momentum between volumes. I'll give more sneak peaks as I finish pages.

Tomorrow (Sunday the 21st) I'll be down at the Portland Saturday market with a table of books and art, if anyone wants to stop by and say hi.

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