Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Brother at Laika!

I helped my brother Matt move up to Portland about a month ago. Today he starts his job at Laika (the stop-motion animation studio that made Coroline). It's really exciting to see him working in the field he loves!

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  1. Honestly, when I read your first post about your brother getting a stop motion degree I thought it was a pretty ballsy move. I mean, there's a lot of talk out there about how stop motion is a "dying" medium and CG is taking over. Hearing this was very inspiring though, Laika is a great studio which is doing wonders for the medium. I would much rather see films in the vein of "Coraline", "The Nightmare Before Christmas, and "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" rather than another CGI blockbuster. There's just some "otherness" about bringing something to life with your hands that draws people in... Anyhoot, I enjoyed your brother's show-reel. And your work is equivalent to having my mind sucked into the vortex of some omnipresent archetypal dimension... *cough*