Wednesday, November 17, 2010


While I was in LA for the Giant Robot show, I got to stay with an awesome group of artists and musicians. They were basically the best hosts ever and I felt lucky that I got to spend so much time with them. They've turned their house into a community art hub called The Den and do all kinds of inspiring projects. Above is Alex Chiu and his pillow helmet.
Here's Alex again with one of his paintings. Check out more at
Alex and Ann Chiu, doing their thing. They also put out a Zine called Eyeball Burp that's worth checking out. I'll probably be contributing to it soon:
Alex and I did two collaborative doodles while I was there. This is the one that Alex started,
and this is the one I started...
I also did collaborations with bigger groups of people while I was there. It's an ongoing household activity for them. There is art everywhere!

I got my face painted by Jenny Yoo. She paints on live people and objects, then photographs them. The end result looks like a 3D painting. I'll post the end result when she sends it to me. For now you can see some of her work at
Justin Nakasone is in the band Wells with the rest of the house. I got to hear them practice a few times. Really fun music to draw to. Thanks for the crazy aweseome week everyone!


  1. Thanks Theo! It's an honor to see this post. I've shared it with all the Den-enites. Thanks for your visit. Now we get to say we've hosted a legend!

  2. Theo you made me blush! Please send me your address so I can send you stuff! Yayo :D

  3. Hope all is well in Portland, Theo! (Alex shared all of us Dennites your blog)

  4. Thanks everyone! It was so much fun getting to spend time with so many aweseome people at The Den. I feel like everyone should know what you're all up to. I went away feeling inspired on so many level. Very excited to catch up with you all again soon!