Friday, June 18, 2010

screen print separations

I just finished the separations for a new screen print I'm making. I figure out the color separations by hand, using layers of tracing paper. Most screen prints I've made have been simple 2 color images, so it was fun figuring out something slightly more complex. I was kind of fascinated by the way the different layers ended up looking on their own.Layer-4

Layer-3 Layer-2


  1. Wow Theo! Can't wait to see the print.

  2. very cool! Would you mind explaining a little more about the process... I'm new to the art thing and don't know anything about screen printing!

  3. Hey, thanks! Basically every color in a screen print has to be developed onto a different screen. The blacks on the images above will eventually be different colors. They're printed layer by layer, all matching up to form the finished image, in this case, three colors plus the line-work over that. I don't really know if I'm even going about it in the best way, it's just kind of how it makes sense to me. I'll post some images of the actual printing process and finished image later, so you can compare that to what you've already seen. I'm about to go ride my bike to a copy shop and get the layers copies onto trasparancies, so I can develope them onto the screens. Thanks for reading.


  4. That's so interesting. Thanks in advance for posting the pics of the process. I can't wait to see how it's done and your finished product. I'm really enjoying your art work!