Monday, May 17, 2010

a sketchbook being held open by the feet of a sleeping cat.


  1. I love the photos of your silly cat. My big 13-pounder seems to think that if he moves really, REALLY slowly, I won't notice him encroaching on my projects. I swear, I half expect him to look around nonchalantly and whistle as he inches in. I should keep my camera nearby to catch him in the act.

  2. man o man, your sketchbookpages look as good as finished pieces ! the spontaneousness is delightfull.

    also wanted to thank you for the amazing Capacity book I bought in New York September 2009. It's almost June 2010 now and I'm still reading in it :). I love it so much I read it really really really really slow, in bits, so I enjoy I can enjoy it for a longer time. so good !

    captivating cute and clever storytelling, eyepopping detailed drawings I love ( like 'Where's Waldo'-pages you can keep looking at )

    keep up the rocking and rolling

    Dimitri from Belgium