Saturday, February 13, 2010

some peeks at things

I'd forgotten I'd made this little drawing until I found it in a stack of papers the other day.
This is a small section of a drawing that's going to be in StudyGroup12 #4, which is an awesome anthology of comics and art that cartoonist Zack Soto edits. There's an incredible list of artists for this, so I'll be excited to see it when it comes out in late April.

This is a tiny section of a huge drawing I've been working on for a project that's still suppose to be top secret I think. I'm running incredibly late on finishing it. I always get excited about contributing to all these great projects I get invited be a part of, but my own book is taking up so much of my heart and head right now, I'm gong to need to start saying no to everyone very soon !


  1. I love your work. When I bought your Thought Cloud Shrines zine it inspired me to go out and buy some ink and do my own drawings.

  2. Hi Theo, the top photo is so cool the way this guy is holding his hands. Love it. You need to check out Rice's blog.....Are your ears burning???

  3. your stuff is so tattoo-able - ever gone there with it?

  4. I'm curious, do you rough-in with pencil first, or do you just go to it with the pens and let it all build out from the first few marks?
    Always beautiful & impressive!

  5. This looks kind of like if H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon had a well-organized up-and-running religion. I admire its distinctive architecture.