Thursday, February 18, 2010

Giant Robot, Game Over Show

I made this little drawing for the upcoming video game themed show at the Giant Robot gallery in San Fransisco. I thought I was too busy to pull off being a part of this, but everyone who works at GR-SF is awesome, so I couldn't bring myself to say no. Hopefully I can pull of making a second piece for them before I have to get this to the post office. If you're in the Bay Area, their shows are always worth catching:


  1. How long does it usually take you to complete a piece?

  2. Your pieces are always wonderful and so detailed. I like to look at them for awhile to find things I would normally miss with a cursory glance.

  3. Thanks Tuesday and Contessa! To answer your question, Tuesday: For the most part, I never quite know how to answer that question actually. I always have so many drawings in the works and I'm always switching between pictures as inspired. Also, part of what is fun about drawing is the fact that I completely lose track of time, so I've always been hesitant to actually clock my progress. Sometimes I'll revisite a picture that's literally sat unfinished for years! The above picture was actually one of the faster ones: it was made in two sittings. One evening I sketched out the idea and inked it. A few days later I sat down and colored it. I actually have no idea how many hours total that ended up being, but I'm guessing maybe 3. the more detailed pieces with buildings and people everywhere take hours and hours to do. I somehow have endless patience for such things. I can't even imagine what I'd be like if I hadn't found an outlet for it all!