Monday, August 17, 2009

Ramona Falls

I did the art for Ramona Fall's debut album, Intuit, put out by Barsuk Records Ramona Falls is the solo work of Brent Knopf from the band Menomena in collaboration with a couple dozen great musicians. He's off on a tour pretty soon and I definitely recommend catching him if he comes through your town. The album is awesome and I'm proud have supplied the visuals. I rarely have time to do commission work like this, but he magically contacted me at just the right time, and it ended up being a really fun process turning our conversations into pictures for the album.


  1. theo! will you be at the Portland Saturday Market on Saturday Aug 22nd? I am coming to town (just from Seattle) and I really want to see your stuff? And/or is there anyplace else in town I can see your stuff?
    thank you!!
    megan noel

  2. Hi Megan, I'll actually be donw in San Francisco for the SF Zine Festival on the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd. Sorry to miss you! I've only been able to sell at the Market about once a month all summer and I just did it this past weekend. I don't have much art hanging in town at the moment. My books are for sale in most of the comic shops in town, as well as at Powells City of Books downtown. Hopefully I'll catch you next time you're down!

  3. we will definitely look for your stuff at Powells and are planning another trip down in a few months, so I will pester you again then! Have a great trip to SF!

  4. fantastic! your art makes the world feel like it's endlessly full of magic doorways and methods of travel.. thank you!

  5. This album got a good review in today's pitchfork:

    They even made a special point to talk about your art: "Down to the cover art, it feels like a strong echo of everything great about Knopf's primary band. There are no cut-outs or flipbooks, but Theo Ellsworth's elaborate, grotesque illustrations are worth taking in-- they're like a combination of Where the Wild Things Are, a fever dream, a pagan woodland ceremony, and a notebook doodle."