Sunday, August 30, 2009

the ever changing pictures on my drawing table

This is part of an unfinished drawing that will be the first chapter heading page of my new comic book.

This is smaller, unfinished drawing I've been working on along side of the chapter heading drawing. It'll probably end up being one of the earlier illustration pages that leads into the book.
This is a scribbly diagram I made in order to get clear about a certain aspect of the plot progression in the story.

These are some more fragments of unfinished drawings; all part of my comic. My plan is to make it an ongoing series, though I haven't quite figured out how many pages I should publish at a time. I think I'm just going to keep working on it until it feels like the right amount to have in a single issue, then get right on to working on the next one.
The comic is called The Thought Cloud Family. I don't think I'll be changing the name at this point. It's going to be in color. I tried to have it be black and white, but the color is ending up being an important part of the story, so I'm just going for it.
Right now I'm just focusing on the lead-in art, and making crazy charts and notes, but I've set a date to start working on my story full time (as much as finances will allow).
Heather (my girlfriend) is just about to graduate from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. It's been a huge and intensive program! After she graduates, we'll immediately be escaping to Montana to camp for a week. When we get back, she'll be starting a part time job as an assistant in an acupuncture clinic, and I plan to launch into my comics series! It feels like an amazing new step for us both!
Also, Tomorrow night, I'm doing a reading at Powells City of Books, along with my awesome Cartoonist friend Aron Steinke (See the earlier post below). I'll be reading first at 7:30 pm. Unfortunately, Heather has school that night, so she won't get to see me talk in funny voices.
Maybe you can come though?


  1. congratulations to heather! can't wait for the new comic, all the work looks so exciting...
    i wish i lived on the west coast...

  2. Cool!
    So glad I stumbled upon you. Looking forward to spending more time with your blog.

  3. Intriguing art style. I am put in thought of a fusion of the works of Maurice Sendak with the hieroglyphs I have worked on in the Latin American countries.