Monday, June 1, 2009

re-found art

I've been trying to be better about documenting my art before I send it off to galleries, but sometimes it completely slips my mind until after it's already off in the mail. This is a piece that I thought I'd never see again, but then realized that a photo of it was in the Giant Robot show archives. It's a Shaman wearing a hat with ghost grabbing capabilities.


  1. Ooohhh!
    Ghost grabbing capabilities!
    I like!!!

    Did your sea monster arrive safe and sound?
    I hope you two have hit it off.
    Thanks again for the imaginary homework.

    P.S. If he keeps you up at night, try curling his third tentacle around your finger and tell him a story. He'll nod off in no time.

  2. hi Yarnpunk! I did indeed get your amazing handmade cyclops squid in the mail! It lives with me now, and seems very happy here, though it never blinks or says anything. Thanks so much for the incredible gift! You make wonderful creatures. I'm sending you a thank you card too, but I thought I'd respond here as well.

    I always forget that I can respond to people's comments here. I really appreciate all the comments I've gotten from you all over the last number of months since I started this blog! It's been awesome!

  3. Hi, Am new to your blog and think that your work is amazing. I will definatly buy your book and visit your blog more often. Thanks for letting me visit.

  4. Thanks for checking out my work Linda!