Friday, June 12, 2009

Keeping busy

I've been at my drawing table a lot! I just finished all the art for the upcoming Ramona Falls album that's coming out sometime in August. Now I'm working to finish and frame all the pieces for my solo art show called "Imaginary Friends" that's opening on July 18th at the Giant Robot Gallery in San Francisco. The above image is from the Ramona Falls album art and the original will be hanging in the show. I'm also getting ready to scan the 32 page comic that Secret Acres will be putting out pretty soon called "Sleeper car". It's been a fun spring!


  1. You sure have been busy. Love your art Theo!
    I hope to make it to Artfest next time and take your class. I loved the pictures from the last class with everyone wearing the masks. Too Fun!

    Cheers a fan

  2. Hi Theo,another great comic is heading our way. Too cool. Thanx for sharing your wonderful drawings and art with us. Sharon

  3. Hey Theo, is that you sleeping in the bed on the back of the aquatic beast ? And if he dives down into the deep, do your dreams take on an undersea dimension ???

  4. Thanks for your comments Pattio, Sharon, and Owen! Yeah, That's me sleeping in the bed, but as a five year old. When the giant fish dives underwater, my dreams get really strange and colorful. When it rises to the surface, I get a brief moment of calm sleep. I highly recommend sleeping on the back of a giant imaginary fish sometime. It's not for everyone, but certainly worth trying at least once.

  5. Hi Theo,

    Just stumbled upon your blog. I really like your animalistic art work! It is funny and there is a bittersweet quality to the figures.