Monday, March 2, 2009

Vortex: Collaborative Art Show!

I have work in a collaborative art show at Floating World Comics on 20 NW 5th ave #101 here in Portland, OR. The opening reception is on March 5th from 6-10 pm. It's also a release party for a publication of collaborative comics! The show features work by: Sean Christensen, Julia Gfrorer, Amy Kuttab, Brodie Kelly, Stephan Saito, and myself. Vortex! Some friends an I have been hanging out once a week or so and making collaborative comics and art. It's been great! This picture was started by Sean Christensen, then passed to Amy Kuttab to work on, then passed to me. I ended up inking this one, and it was a lot of fun to ink other people's pencil lines. It's not something I've done too often and I feel like it taught me a lot. Usually even more people will add things to a given picture, but there were just 3 of us that day.
This is another one from the same day. A collaboration between Sean, Amy, and I. Inked by me.
This one got me really excited! Amy started this one, then passed it to me, then Sean, then our friend Julia Gfrorer added things, Then Sean brought it all together with his amazing, crazy coloring job! Collaborating has really opened me up to all kinds of new things, and it always leads to unexpected places. The collaborative comics are even crazier: One persone draws a panel, then passes it to the next person. It's pretty amazing to try to match other people's styles, and try to continue a story thread, one panel at a time. I've learned a lot about making comics this way.


  1. Fabulous to see all these imaginations in overdrive ! Amazing synergies !

  2. WOW!! you guys do great work. Simply fabulous!! Sharon

  3. it's pretty amazing when you find artists who Work Well With Others :) i would love to see a whole comic from you guys! beautiful!