Friday, May 15, 2015

New Print!

 I'm excited to have this giant new silk screen print available from MT Home Arts in Brooklyn. I hand drew everything on layers of transparency and they printed it all. It was a new way of working for me and it was a lot of fun. I'll be doing another project with them soon. The print is available HERE.


  1. Look at all those details! I'm sure no artist can ever match up to your attentiveness to detail. I'm sure your fans are all over that print as soon as you made it available for purchase, Theo. I'd love to see more of your work soon. Keep us posted and more power to you!

    Madeline Rice @ SEO Marketing Machine

  2. Great art piece, Theo. It is brimming with such sharp colors and details. It’s great that you have a whole site dedicated for showing your works, in addition to this blog. Anyway, thanks for this preview. Cheers!

    Travis White @ Marketing Digest