Saturday, December 7, 2013

Missoula Made Fair!

Tomorrow (Sunday, December 8th) I'll be setting up a table at the Missoula Made Fair from 11am-6pm at the Adams Center. I'll have new woodcuts, comics, art zines, books, prints, and cards for sale. If you're somewhere nearby, come say hi, it should be an excellent event.  I'll be up in the balcony at table 126!


  1. Hey Theo, did you bring any of these guys home? If I call 'dibs' does that mean anything?

  2. Hi Barry, I did bring some home. Are there any specific ones you were looking at. I can tell you if I have it. As soon as I get organized I was going to put them up on etsy, but I could do something more direct with you if you wanted to make sure you could get a certain one. Thanks!!