Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meeting Matsumoto

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival was an inspiring experience on so many levels. So much that I've had trouble even knowing how to write about any of it, but here's a moment I have to share.

The day after the festival I got to explore Toronto with a great group of comics friends and we magically ended up meeting one of my favorite cartoonists, Taiyo Matsumoto in front of the Japan Foundation where he had a beautiful show of his originals. Robin McConnell of the Inkstuds radio show took these photos of me giving Matsumoto a copy of my zine, 'Relax, We Have Alien Vehicles'. That's Jen Vaughn of Fantagraphics standing behind me, after having just encouraged me to talk to him. It was probably the nerdiest Fan Moment I've ever had, and it felt awesome.

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