Sunday, November 11, 2012

Short Run was Awesome

It was a fast, crazy, and fun trip. And it was already a week ago. I'm bad at recapping my excursions but you can read a nice write up about Short Run that Sean Ford wrote for the Secret Acres Blog if you like. He describes it pretty well. Short Run is a small but solid alternative comics show with a strong focus on community. I'm glad I made the trip. You can actually see Sean and I off to the left in the photo above. You can also see the always awesome Sean Christensen in his amazing teal blue pants. And look, there's Tim Root and Chris Cilla slinging their amazing weirdo comics. There were free haircuts going on behind me, huge paper and art supplies for doodling, and comics and animation performances. Basically the kind of stuff that should be going on every weekend, everywhere. Huge thanks to Eroyn Franklin for letting me crash in her living room and to everyone I met and talked to.

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