Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Understanding Monster, Book One

Here it is. I'm finally ready to show you the cover (and a detail from the  back cover) of The Understanding Monster, Book One. I'm going to write more about the book soon, but  for now I'll just say that it's the biggest leap into my subconscious that I've made with my art so far. I have no idea what people will think of it, but creating this book was a startling and rewarding process. It's a hand colored, oversized, hardcover book. This first installment is one piece of a bigger puzzle that I'm building. I can't wait to find a studio space so I can get back to work on book two. The next scene I want to draw has been haunting me.


  1. CANNOT. WAIT! Congratulations, Theo!

  2. More awesomeness. Can't wait for its release. Well done!!

  3. Cover=amazing.
    The lower panel....mind boggingly good.