Thursday, January 13, 2011


There's a new place in Portland called "Float On" that has sensory deprivation tanks. There's been some studies showing that floating in sensory deprivation tanks can improve creativity and mental clarity, so they're doing a project where they let artists float twice for free. After the second float, the artist creates an art piece inspired by their experience. After a hundred artists have done it, they're going to publish a book. I just finished my piece. It's something I vividly saw during my second float. I highly recommend trying this some time, if you've never done it. It's a fascinating experience. It's an amazing way to step outside of your life and spend ninety minutes in a surreal and relaxing state. If you're an artist in Portland, I'd recommend getting in on this project. I'm trying to get all my artist friends to do it so we can take over the book!

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  1. Thanks Theo.
    This inspired me to take a float here in LA.
    It was pretty inspirational!