Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So much going on!

--Tomorrow I'm flying down to San Fransisco, then immeadiately driving down to Monterey to visit my old friend, Luke!

--Then I'm heading back up to SF for the Alternative press Expo www.comic-con.org/ape on the 16th and 17th. I'll be at table 434 all weekend, right next to my publisher, Secret Acres. I'm tabling with my friend Sam Kulla, who will have his book, High Contrast Review for sale. I'll also be carrying some awesome comics and prints by my friend Sean Christensen.

--Then I'll be helping my brother, Matt load up a U-Haul full of his stuff so he can move up to Portland. I'll be driving his car up to Portland for him. I'm looking forwards to the solo road trip. Highway driving = thinking time. My brother and I will hopefully be getting a studio together sometime soon. I haven't lived in the same town as my brother for years and years, so I'm really excited.

--Once I'm home I'll be finishing up the last few pieces for my solo show at Giant Robot and flying down for the opening on November 6th.

--Then maybe I will relax.


  1. Have a great trip!
    I love the "FFFFFFF" plane/jet/aircraft!

  2. Hi, Theo (and Heather). Congratulations on the wedding!!! I'll bet it was an amazing event. You are both such nice people and I hope you will be very happy together.

    I just sent my husband to Barnes and Noble in search of the Greatest American Comics for my birthday. That'll hold me over until the new book (along with the re-reading of Capacity!)

    Will miss you at Artfest 2011!