Monday, November 9, 2009

half finished neighborhood

Today I drew some dirt, grass, and some tiny abandoned cars.
It's a picture that I started a few weeks back and have been adding details here and there at random.


  1. ooh...i love this one. well i love all your know that. but there is something special about the abandoned cars.. ;)

  2. I agree with Tracy, the cars are very special. Probably because it looks like my back yard!! And I think, because the cars and vehicles are of THIS world and not your usual out of this world vehicles. Very cool, Sharon

  3. Thanks Tracy and Sharon! Drawing all those little cars did feel weirdly important for some reason. I wasn't really expecting to draw them. They just kind of showed up and I went with it. I'm sure that minature abandoned cars will be appearing in my work for awhile now, as I try to get to the bottom of this...