Monday, October 19, 2009

Secret Acres Signs

These are two signs I designed for my publisher when they have tables at comics conventions. I drew them at 1/5 of the actual print size.

Here they are blown up to over 5 feet high and standing up! It'll be cool to actually see them in person at some point. It's by far the largest I've ever had one of my drawing blown up.

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  1. Mr. Ellsworth,

    Your images take me to this lovely place that always existed, but I never knew how to actually see it!

    I am nearing the completion of a book of poetry which I will self-publish. There is one poem in particular, called, "Reflex Jukebox," that really wants an image with it. If you have any interest in possibly contributing, please let me know.

    I am also 'curating' a zine of friends writing and art from all over the country. If interested, I would love to have some of your work in that as well.

    You can contact me at

    Best Wishes,