Saturday, September 19, 2009

High Contrast Review!

My good friend Sam Kulla's in town for a visit. He's passing through town after some crazy travels through China, Korea, and all over Europe. Whenever we hang out, we end up doing all kinds of fun collaborative work. He's started up a really great art and literature site called the High Contrast Review that's soon to have a yearly print edition. While we were hanging out yesterday, I drew over one of Sam's photo's and turned it into an ad of sorts for The High Contrast Review. Agents from around the globe! Check it out at
Sam's also kind enough to be helping me revamp my website, so keep an eye out for some exciting things over there.


  1. Oooh your redoing your website? I'm excited to see it! see you in less than an month :D

  2. Hi Tophoni! Great to hear from you! Yeah, I'm excited to be reworking my website. It'll be totally rdone with a webstore and everything! The site name is different too:

    See you at JournalFest! Can't wait to hang out and draw!