Saturday, July 25, 2009

Portland Zine Symposium

I'll be at the Portland Zine Symposium all weekend: selling my work. I'll probably be wearing my magic house-helmet during parts of it.

The above photo was taken by my brother Matt, who I just had an amazing time visiting in San Francisco. He's working on a stop-motion animated film right now! I'm trying to get him to move to Portland so we can collaborate on his next one!

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  1. A House Helmet! I Want One!

    I was "looking inside" a book on Amazon (Creative Time and Space) and saw your image of "A Witch's Bedtime Story". I liked it so well that I Googled you and found your Website and Blog. Well, I was inspired and awed by your imagination and productivity! I guess I have enough imagination, but productivity is a scarcity, due to a very physical job and chronic fatigue (poor me). Once I post this message, I will get out my sketchbook and Pilot pen and CREATE something, just for the sake of creating something. It will be good. That's what your work did for me!

    I especially love your wood cutouts and ghost goggles! I want some of those, too! You ARE going to put such things in your SHOP, aren't you? 'Twould be enchanting! Your creatures are both scary and loving. Perhaps letting Mortimer hover over your drawings is a good thing. Cat breath is magical!

    Your blog is now on my list of Favorites!

    With warm regards,

    Carol Rose Parker