Friday, April 24, 2009

Bird Hurdler

Bird Hurdler is out now! It's a free comic put out by my friends at Sparkplug Comics, Tugboat Press, and Teenage Dinosaur. Check out the beautiful cover by Andrice Arp! It features 6 Portland cartoonists, including me. Here's a page spread from the story I did for it, though it's a little hard to tell what's going on from this photo. The book should be in comic shops all over by now, being given away for free, but you can also order one for a penny plus postage from , but while you're at it, check out all the other fine books available there too! Sparkplug is one of my favorite comics publishers. Dylan Williams (the man behind Sparkplug) always manages to find interesting, unusual cartoonists to publish. A couple of my most recent favorites are, Department of Art by Dunja Jankovic, and The Airy Tales by Olga Volozova.


  1. Well as always I had to have this because of your work. It is now on it's way. And since you said it is in comic book stores, I may just have to check out the one here in Modesto today and grab it there also. Thanx Theo. Sharon

  2. Thanks Sharon; I hope you enjoyed Bird Hurdler. It was put together by some great Portland friends and was a lot of fun to be a part of.

  3. Good feeling. Like the dark tone, and the serried details of the pics.
    Funny the cover : )